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Set Up an Online Backup System for Your CAD Data, Part 2 – The Freelancer and the Small Business Owner

So we established that you need an online backup system for your CAD data. So, where do you begin?

For the Freelancer

Storage data bankSo maybe you think that you don’t need a dedicated backup routine because you are just doing CAD work on the side. You are the part-time freelancer with only a few jobs on your drive. But data of any kind is important, especially if it belongs to a client. Backing up for the freelancer does not have to be complicated.

Dropbox.com is a freemium service (a service with both free and premium versions) designed to make backing up as easy as saving to a local directory. Just visit Dropbox and register for an account to get 2 GB of free storage in the cloud. Once you are registered, download the Dropbox application for your desktop or mobile and you are set up. The installation will put a nice little “Dropbox” folder icon on your desktop. Treat it like any directory to save files and create sub-directories. The trick is that everything you put in this magical folder gets backed up to the cloud! Your data is instantly saved off-site at Dropbox’s secure data centers and available anywhere you can use a browser!

For the Small Business

So you’ve been working as a freelancer so long that you are now a small business! Maybe you have a few employees and more clients. Your data storage needs are too big for Dropbox so what now? Enter Carbonite.

Carbonite.com is a online backup service designed for heavier lifting than Dropbox. Signing up with the Carbonite service will bring automated backups to your small business. Just like Dropbox, Carbonite will automatically backup your data to off-site servers. However Carbonite service plans allow you to back up data from all of the workstations and servers in your small business! Not only will your data be secure in the Carbonite data centers, it is secure on the way there with end to end encryption.

Do you have a larger business and more intensive data backup needs? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you. Next we’ll talk about enterprise solutions.

Have your own suggestions for online backup services? Leave a comment below!

Author: Curt Moreno

  1. August 1, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    I use Carbonite for my Wife’s business computer, as I want to ‘install, and forget it.’ (I have better things to do than save my wife’s data.) With Carbonite, I should be able to restore everything easy enough even if she runs over the PC with a truck. (get a new PC, and restore from Carbonite.)

    For my own Data, I have a few critical parts of my hard-drives backed-up using Mozy (home edition) because it came with my external hard-drive. But for ‘current’ projects I use DropBox now because I can access that critical data no matter what workstation I’m using. [and I haven’t run out of space on DropBox…yet!

    I played around with Solidworks’ new cloud based PDM type thing called ‘n!Fuze’ when it was in Beta, and I was really excited about it, until I found out the price. $800 per year. So that would be a good deal for some small company that didn’t want to upgrade to Solidworks Professional (and use PDM-workgroup) and had distributed offices, but didn’t want to spend the big bucks for PDM enterprise. [n!Fuze is a LOT less expensive than Enterprise PDM from Solidworks.]

  2. August 23, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    I use Lushbackup (http://www.lushbackup.com) because it allows up to 5 computers for the price of one to be backed up. But thanks for the pointers.

  1. July 21, 2011 at 8:43 pm

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