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The Advantages of Eyefinity for CAD, Part 1: DVI Monitors and DisplayPort Graphics Cards

Eyefinity drives 3 or more displays simultaneously.

Eyefinity lets you drive 3 or more independent displays simultaneously from a single low-power FirePro graphics card. This technology is great for CAD users because it enables you to multi-task different workflow applications on each display or span a single CAD application across multiple displays as one desktop workspace. Check out this video showing using a three-display configuration driven by a single laptop and then tell me you don’t want it.

DisplayPort for Graphics Cards and Display Manufacturers

Whether you are talking AMD FirePro or Nvidia Quadro, DisplayPort has become the standard output port for both consumer and professional graphics cards.  Yes, there are legacy DVI ports on some cards and there are even cards specifically designed to address the legacy market (e.g., FirePro V5800 DVI). But largely the debate about standards is over, and DisplayPort is here to stay. (I have written about the advantages of DisplayPort previously.)

But while the graphics card manufacturers embraced DisplayPort early on, the display manufacturers (Apple aside) have only recently made the switch. Beginning in 2010, Asus, Dell, HP LaCie, Lenovo, and NEC released more than 80 displays supporting DisplayPort. But there are still a lot more displays released with only the less expensive DVI or VGA input connectors.

So What Do I Do with My Older Monitors? Can I Still Use Eyefinity?

So what do you do if you have a display/monitor released before 2010 that only has single-link or dual-link DVI inputs? Or perhaps more interestingly, what if you want to set up a 3- or 4-display visual workspace for your CAD workflow using Eyefinity, but some or all of the displays you plan to use only have DVI/HDMI/VGA inputs?

Next, I’ll talk about DisplayPort adapters that can help you do just that.

Author: Tony DeYoung

  1. July 3, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    I would just like to add that Eyefinity multi-display technology is an AMD trademark and exclusively available on Radeon and FirePro cards.

    You might want to point that out to the folks…

    -Nice article though.

    Adam Glick
    Product Marketing, AMD/FirePro

  2. September 1, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    Thanks for the head shot in your article! The AMD Eyefinity Technology is awesome and works great for multiple BIM / CAD applications for Designer and Engineering work scenarios. Adam Glick and DJ Sayles are the guys to go to over there at AMD to get you setup!
    If anyone has any questions about the FirePro cards please feel free to ask.

    John Offield
    Larson Engineering
    St Louis MO 63042
    BIM Development Specialist

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