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Reprogram Your Mouse for Custom CAD Commands at Your Fingertips

Each mouse driver is slightly different, but all have the same basic functions. You will always have the ability to program mouse buttons when you have a multibutton mouse.

I try to buy mice with the standard right-click and left-click buttons and wheel, plus one additional button for the thumb. (Sometimes it’s nice to have a mouse with a “thumb” button on both sides of the mouse — similar to the Logitech MX310 shown below — so you can program it for a right- or left-handed user.)

To reprogram a multibutton mouse such as a Logitech MX310, G5, or G3 (or any typical gaming-style mouse), start by going to Control Panel and selecting Mouse Properties. You will typically find a Button tab at the top of the Mouse Properties dialog box.

Mouse Properties - Control Panel

The normal AutoCAD settings for a Logitech mouse are as follows:

  • Left mouse button (shown above as item 1) is set to Click/Select. This is the normal default setting.
  • Right mouse button (shown above as item 2) is set to Context Menu/Alternate Select. This is the normal default setting.
  • Wheel button (shown above as item 3) is set to Middle Button. This is a change to the standard setup. To do this, pick item 3 from the pull-down menu, click the Modify button, then click the Middle Button option as shown below. The Middle Button option gives the user the proper Zoom and Pan functions within AutoCAD.

Modify Button Function

Last is the “thumb button” (shown in the first image as item 4), which is set to the Escape option in this example.

Modify Button Function

The MX310 has two thumb buttons — one on either side of the mouse — so you can program it whether you are left- or right-handed. Based on many users’ experience, the best approach is to program the correct button based on the individual’s dominant hand, then program the opposite button to “unassigned.” This prevents the user from accidentally pressing a command with the pinky finger.

(Note: Many multibutton mice, such as the Logitech G5, have the capability to assign the key to the thumb button by simply pressing which key to assign.)

Typical settings for the G5 are as follows:

  • Select Button: Choose item 4 (right thumb button) in the Select Button window.
  • Select Task: Click on the Keystroke Assignment button, move your cursor to 3a, and specify Keystroke. For example, to select the Esc button as shown below, press the Escape key on the keyboard so the word “Esc” appears in the box at 3a. Click Apply and OK.

Modify Button Function

Once you get used to activating custom CAD functions with a touch of a button, you will never want to go back.

Author: Richard Leveille

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  1. June 9, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Hello guys.

    For my generic 7 button mouse, I can´t give a good personalization with native Windows driver, then I change to a better controller software: X-Mouse Button Control.

    With X-Mouse, I can make the buttons execute functions with each software I open, and automatically activates the particular keystrokes according to the application I get pointed with mouse.

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