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How Advances in Mobility Technology Will Affect the CAD Workplace, Part 1

Advances in Mobility will Change the CAD WorkplaceSo let’s face it, we’re all somewhat lazy. In fact, there are arguments out there that, as a species, we are lazier now than at any point in human history. And, as long as we are being scientific, there is even a physiological explanation having to do with the “lizard brain” to explain why we are lazy. Whether any of that falls more on side of science or fiction, I don’t know. What I do know is that CAD is not really what you would call a full contact sport.

At least, not yet.

Mobile Technology Transformation

The past few years have been an amazing time in the worlds of electronics and communication technologies. It seems like just yesterday people were amazed when they got the “guess where I am” phone call from the driveway. Now phone calls are the least of what we do with our portable phones and laptops. Really, it is debatable if you can even call a phone a “phone” anymore and laptops are being quickly replaced with tablets and items somewhere in-between. But what effect is this technology is having on our busy world?

We are getting off our butts!

More and more you see people working on the go. Dads typing away answering the important email between little league innings. Mom may be out and look up her favorite band to stream some music or Tweet a fun fact. Now you can add “people working on CAD drawings” to the list!

Recent advances in virtualization technology from developers like Citrix and even specialized “mobile” CAD platforms from Autodesk and Bentley are liberating our drawing files! Our CAD files are no longer relegated to the desk or “mobile” workstation. Now your files, and thus your work, are just as far away as the nearest computer, tablet or even smartphone!

CAD professionals are finally getting out of the office because we’re not tied to the desk anymore. Now the work is mobile and so are we. Commuting costs can be cut down. Drawings can be edited in the field and drafters can finally start to get a tan and lose that pallid office-dweller complexion!

Free to Roam with CAD

So what does it all really translate into? Nothing less than a world where CAD escapes the four cubicle walls and goes on a fantastic adventure. Suddenly I see a world where CAD drafters are free to roam. Fears of not having the power of a workstation to do your work are almost a non-issue. Oh sure, you will still return to the super-powerful workstation to do the heavy lifting. Architectural renderings and large point clouds will, for the time being, remain the province of the king of desktops. But, the light lifting? Oh, we can do that anywhere!

France today, Milan tomorrow and the Orient after that! Wherever we go, our CAD work is there with us! Gone are the days of the 9-5 and the overworked coffee pot! I see a wide-open pasture, filled with wandering CAD professionals in natural habitats. They’re grazing on fresh air, meeting and helping one another and getting some skin color. The mobile CAD movement will free the drafter from his bonds and leave only the IT people behind to toil.

Hey, it can’t be roses for everyone.

Stay tuned for Part 2, where I envision the new types of technology that CAD users will use.

 Author: Curt Moreno

  1. Abhi
    May 27, 2011 at 3:45 am

    I dont think it is easy to manage mobile CAD as said. What would happen if you retrieve a drawing created by another designer. So, lot of security planning would go in this type of arrangement.

  1. May 26, 2011 at 8:07 pm

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